Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions we get from parents:

  • How large is the Good Nite Lite?
    The Good Nite Lite measures 6" in diameter.
  • What type of battery do I need if I have to replace it?                                                                                         The lite uses a 3v battery model CR2032 available at most stores.
  • Are the set-up instructions available online ?
    The quick start instructions can be viewed here: instructions

  • I'm concerned about bright night lights. How bright is the Good Nite Lite?
    The Good Nite Lite is designed to dim after the moon is illuminated for 1 hour. It will still have a soft glow in the room as it is designed to give a visual cue to whether stay in bed (moon glow) or get up (sun glow).

  • Can we use the Good Nite Lite without the Moon night light feature and just use the Sun wake up cue?
    If the desired wake up time is 7:00am (the time the sun will light up), simply set the moon to light up just before at 6:59am rather than at bedtime the night before. This will keep the Good Nite Lite dark all night but will still show the sun in the morning to let them know it is wake up time!

  • Can you set the timer for any time I choose?
    Absolutely, there are preset times out of the box but the intent was to make it where the parents set the times they desire. The reason is to truly make this a behavioral device. My son would wake up at 5am everyday so the first day I would set for 5am to give him instant validation than I would move the time back in 15 minute increments until the desired time was achieved of 6am. By moving the time back slowly over a few days allowed him to grasp easier than sitting around for an hour thinking this is along time to wait...however in 15 minute increments they slowly start to see they may have woken up too early. My son initially would just get up and play in his room but after a few days he would just go back to sleep. The main goal was making sure they weren’t waking us up that early as well...

    Now my kids tell us when the moon comes on so it must be time for bed, no more negotiating on bed time either!!

  • Does it really work?
    As with any education tool or aide, it will require consistency in order to create a routine. This will also depend on how responsive your child is to understanding Moon means rest and the Sun means it is okay to wake Mom and Dad.

  • How is it powered?
    The Good Nite Lite plugs into the wall just like any typical night light would.  The battery that it does come with only operates the timer which is used to program the time, moon, and sun but not the device itself. Being a parent as well, I hated replacing batteries so frequently, that is why I wanted a battery that doesn’t require much usage.
  • Will the Good Nite Lite work for children under 3?
    It is never too early to start educating your child on better sleep patterns.

  • There is a high demand for the Good Nite Lite. How will I know when I can receive one?
    We are currently in stock and shipping now. All orders are processed within 1 or 2 business days and then shipped USPS Ground.

  • Is this currently available at any retail stores?
    We are currently testing a handful of retail locations. We are working to secure more stores in the near future. The easiest way to purchase one is online.