The Good Nite Lite is a patented behavioral modification device designed to promote a child's ability to get the rest that is critical for healthy development.

If a child is in the habit of waking up at a certain time, they will tend to continue this regular pattern until it is reset. Unfortunately, if the established pattern is to wake up too early, the result is a that a child will become active on their own schedule which interferes with their own healthy sleep pattern and can be a disruptive influence to the entire household particularly Mom and Dad! It can be extremely difficult to modify this pattern without a visual cue that can be easily understood by even very young children. The Good Nite Lite provides exactly this behavioral cue with its easily distinguished display of the Moon, meaning, "time to rest" and Sun display meaning "time to get up!".

Rest is one of the most important requirements for development and learning and a well-rested child is normally happier and better behaved than those that may be sleep deprived. To encourage the appropriate sleep pattern, the Good Nite Lite can gradually be set to longer and longer sleep periods until the child is getting the full nights rest required.

When you add in the fact that the parents also get additional rest, this becomes a positive experience for the whole family!

The Good Nite Lite Featured on CBS's THE DOCTORS - “50 Ways to Improve Your Health in Less Than 5 Minutes”.