New Tool to Help Children with Autism Sleep

By: Carin Yavorcik, Autism Society of America

Special device assists with regular sleeping habits

autism sleep tool for childrenResearchers estimate that between 40 and 80 percent of children with autism have difficulty sleeping. Difficulty falling asleep, inconsistent sleep routines, restlessness or poor sleep quality, and waking early are just a few of the problems, according to WebMD. The Good Nite Lite offers parents a way to help their kids learn healthy and acceptable sleeping habits that fit in better with the family's normal schedule.

The Good Nite Lite is a behavioral modification device that teaches young children the appropriate time to get out of bed in the morning. For children who can't yet tell or understand time, the device uses familiar visual cues, featuring a friendly, glowing caricature face that changes from a moon to a sun at the programmed "wake-up" time, and from a sun to a moon at the programmed "bedtime." With the help of their caregivers, children can come to associate the moon image with the knowledge that it is still bedtime and the sun with the idea that it is the correct time to wake up. During the day, the Good Nite Lite shuts off to eliminate any distractions and to conserve energy.

The Good Nite Lite can be a great tool for helping kids with autism establish a normal sleep schedule or adjust to factors like going back to school after longer summer days, Daylight Saving Time, and even traveling.

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